When you purchase a car, you want to do everything in your power to make sure that it lasts years into the future, which is why it’s so important to give your vehicle ongoing maintenance. However, continuing maintenance costs can add up over time, causing some people to skip maintenance appointments. If you want to keep your car running smoothly, but are worried about the costs, then a perfect solution is to sign up for a maintenance plan like VW Care.

VW Care is Volkswagen’s solution to ongoing car maintenance, and signing up for this care plan offers car owners, like you, several benefits. Learn about some of the benefits of VW Care, and find out how you can sign up for this care plan at a dealership near Rome, Utica, and Manlius.

Options for Multiple Plans

For discerning customers, the key in purchasing a great product, including care plans, is having multiple options to choose from, and this is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of signing up for VW Care. VW Care offers consumers multiple plan options to make sure that you get the level of service you need at the price that you want.

When you sign up for the basic VW Care plan, you’ll get coverage for your manufacturer’s 20,000-mile and 30,000-mile maintenance check. However, for extra coverage, you can enroll in VW Care Plus, which covers the all-important 40,000-mile and 50,000-mile maintenance check. Versatile plan options are just one of the many benefits of joining VW Care.

Making Sure Your Vehicle Gets the Service It Needs

When your car runs into a major problem, the key in keeping your vehicle on the road is getting service as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to the cost, many car owners put off these repairs, often leading to long-term problems that end up being even more expensive.

Fortunately, when you enroll in VW Care, you can make sure that your car gets the attention it needs when a problem arises. No more waiting around—no more small problems turning into big problems. VW Care means get the maintenance you need, whenever you need it, guaranteeing that you have a reliable vehicle for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Peace of Mind Thanks to a Well Running Vehicle

An underrated factor of owning a car is the peace of mind that comes from owning a dependable vehicle, and if peace of mind is important to you, then you need to sign up for VW Care.

When you get service under your VW Care plan, you’ll know that your car is being worked on by Volkswagen certified technicians with genuine Volkswagen parts. This means you can be confident that your vehicle is being serviced the right away, allowing you to drive around Rome, Manlius, and Utica stress-free and without worry.

Sign Up for VW Care at a Trusted Dealership

If you’re ready to protect your vehicle by signing up for VW Care, then you need to visit NYE VW as soon as possible to discuss your options. The service professionals at NYE VW can advise you about the right care level for you and can discuss some of the basic service tasks that your VW Care plan covers. Whether you need quality car maintenance or are looking for a new vehicle, NYE VWE is the dealership for you. Contact us today!