Your brakes are arguably the most important safety feature of your vehicle. Without them you wouldn’t be able to moderate your vehicle speed or come to a complete stop at all. Ensuring that they’re working properly is absolutely critical for ensuring the safety of your passengers, other drivers on the road and, of course, yourself.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Repair

The best thing you can do to ensure proper brake function is to follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. However, there are still some signs you should be aware of that indicate you need a brake repair. For your convenience, we’ve listed a couple below.

  • High Pitched Squealing Noise – This noise is created by an intentionally hard layer of metal in your vehicle’s brake pads. This is a built-in warning system that indicates your brake pads are crucially thin and that it’s time to replace them. For best results, schedule a brake service as soon as you hear the noise.
  • Vehicle Shaking When Braking – If your vehicle shakes when you apply the brakes, it’s possible that you need a brake repair. This could be from the worn out brake pads grinding in to your rotors and causing unnecessarily harmful damage.

Brake Service in Rome, NY

When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, there is really nothing more crucial in terms of safety and vehicle performance. There are several brake services you might expect to get for your vehicle if you see the signs of a necessary brake repair, including the following:

Brake Pad Replacement

The brake pads naturally wear down over time. The best thing you can do is to follow the vehicle’s maintenance schedule as outlined in your owner’s manual. If you’ve misplaced yours or feel they need to be replaced more often, check in with the service professional during your next regular maintenance appointment.

Rotor Replacement

The rotors also naturally wear down over time. If you get your brake pads replaced regularly, you can likely go 2-3 brake pad replacements before needing to replace your rotors. Not sure if they need to be replaced? As your service technician what their thickness is. Then check your owner’s manual to see what the standard thickness is.

Schedule Automotive Service in Rome, NY

If your vehicle is showing signs of a necessary brake repair, bring it in to the experts at your local brake repair center in Rome, New York. The team at NYE VW of Rome is incredibly talented in diagnosing automotive service and maintenance issues as well as remedying the problem as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to provide excellent service that will not only have you in and out in no time, but will have you out on the road for years to come. 

Our world class team is here in our service center Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. To schedule a brake repair service for your vehicle, give our service department at call at 855-459-9655, or visit our service department online now.