battery replacement near Rome, NYYour battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without it, you have a very expensive paperweight. Your car battery keeps your vehicle running; however, like most batteries, it can drain and fail to work. We’re going to show Volkswagen drivers like you in the Rome, Utica and Manlius area the signs that indicate your battery is about to die, and where you can go to have it replaced.

Signs That Your Battery Is About To Die

There are many little indicators that let you know your battery is on its last leg. Knowing and being able to identify these signs give you a huge advantage because you’ll be able to make preparations before your car stops running.

  • Electrical Components - If your battery is running out of juice, you’ll be able to tell with the electrical components in your vehicle. Your music will start to get increasingly fuzzy and possibly even shut off. The illuminated clock and gauges will also decrease in brightness. If you notice these signs, pull over to safety because your car will soon shut down. These instruments and devices are slowly losing power because your battery only has enough juice to power the engine let alone your instrumentation. If the electrical components fade out, your engine will soon follow.
  • Battery Warning Light - What could be considered the most obvious sign is your battery’s dashboard warning light. This will pop on if it senses that your battery is either low on juice, or if it’s failing to keep charge. Either way, the battery will soon stop functioning, as will your car. The best practice here is to pull over to safety and start making preparations.
  • battery repair in Rome, NYRotten Egg Smell - If you notice that there is a rotten egg/sulfur type smell, there’s a good chance that it’s your battery. This will be more obvious in the winter because cold temperature can have a negative effect on your car’s battery. When a battery is in cold temperatures, it can vent gas that causes the smell. Another cause of the smell is the acid in the battery. When this spills out and drips onto your engine components, it will give off a putrid smell; however, this can also lead to more expensive problems, let alone a battery replacement.
  • Battery Age - Keeping track of how old your battery is can be extremely helpful in knowing when it’s time to get a new one. The average battery lasts around five years, so when you hit the four-year mark, it’s a good idea to get it tested and inspected. Like we stated earlier, exposure to cold temperatures can decrease the lifespan of your battery, so keep that in mind when you go to have your battery inspected.

Having Your Battery Replaced

Drivers in the Rome, Utica and Manlius area who need the battery in their Volkswagen replaced can visit NYE Volkswagen of Rome. Our certified technicians will not only test your battery to see its power output, but they’ll also recommend the best time for a battery replacement. Our Service Department won’t only fix/replace your battery, but we can also see to any sort of maintenance that your Volkswagen requires. Schedule a service or battery replacement appointment today at NYE Volkswagen of Rome.