The 2016 Golf GTI is one of the highest-rated compact cars on the market today. It combines technology and performance in a fun little package. Some of its more impressive features come in the safety department. Read on to learn more about how the Golf GTI can help keep drivers in Rome, Utica and Manlius safe. 

Airbag System 

The 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI features airbags strategically placed throughout the cabin, in both the front and rear seats. Along with head airbags for the driver, front-seat passenger and rear passengers, the Golf GTI also has curtain airbags meant to protect the passengers’ bodies. This ingenious design deploys the curtain airbags when sensors detect an impending rollover. By activating the airbags in the event of such an accident, the airbags cushion potentially serious injuries incurred when bodies could be forcefully thrown around the cabin. This life-saving measure is sure to attract potential buyers concerned with keeping their precious cargo safe. 

Child Protection 

Standard on the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a feature called Child Seat Anchors. These anchors are fixed to the back seats and assist in keeping child seats firmly in place, regardless of the size of the child or the car seat. They are easy to attach to the seat itself and easy to locate, so as to not install the child seat incorrectly. Also standard on the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI are the Child Safety Locks. When activated by the driver, this feature makes it impossible for a child to open the rear doors from the inside. This means that children cannot open the doors when it isn’t safe for them to do so. These added safety features may seem simple, but they give peace of mind to drivers with young children who occupy the back seat. 

Automatically Levelling Lights 

This cool new feature automatically adjusts your headlights to keep them pointed directly ahead and level when you hit a bump in the road, such as a raised crosswalk, speed bump or railroad tracks. Without this feature, as you have undoubtedly witnessed before, your headlights would swing in a level consistent with the action of the front of your vehicle. Not until all four tires are back on level ground would the headlights be fixed back on the road in front of you. While this lapse may only be momentary, it doesn’t take long for something to cross your path unnoticed, especially at night. This feature keeps the headlights of your 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI level and straight ahead, keeping your lights pointed towards the road at all times. 

Nye Volkswagen 

The features listed above are only a few of the many safety features that set the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI apart from other similar models. Drivers in Rome, Utica and Manlius who are interested in learning more should stop by Nye Volkswagen and talk to our sales staff. We will answer all of your questions and set you up on a test drive. Contact us, today!