When you purchase an SUV, there’s a good chance you have some pretty adventurous plans for it. You may be going off-road, taking it on vacation, or hauling some cargo. In all those cases, Rome, Utica, and Manlius drivers are going to need ample protection.

When you choose the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan, you’ll have access to some of the best protective technology and designs in the industry. To show you, our team at Nye Volkswagen of Rome has put together this Volkswagen Tiguan safety features review.

Built for Your Protection

Safety in the Tiguan starts with its tremendously rigid body. The unitary frame has been steel stamped and includes two solid mounted subframes, giving it a firm, unyielding base.

The passenger cabin has received some fortifications of its own, such as the anti-intrusion side door beams and crash-optimized front end. Together, these features help to create the safety cage, which can both absorb and redistribute force away from occupants.

To firm up this body, the Tiguan is then installed with 4MOTION®all-wheel drive. This adaptable drivetrain can change with varying road conditions, keeping you stable, even in poor conditions.

A Wide Array of Technology

Backing up the Tiguan design is an assortment of tech features. To show you just how safe the SUV is, we’ll go over some of our favorites now.

  • Trailer Roll Stability: There’s a good chance you’re going to be doing a bit of towing from time to time, and your Tiguan is more than capable of handling it. However, just to be safe, Trailer Roll Stability has been added. This feature will compensate for the added weight and imbalance when pulling a trailer.
  • Brake disc drying: When driving over wet roads, your brake discs and rotors will naturally get soaked. This added moisture can affect your stopping power, causing you to skid. Fortunately, the brake disc drying feature will prevent this by wicking the moisture from your brakes.
  • Brake override system: Braking is typically a gradual process. You press down on the pedal, and brake force is distributed over a period of seconds. However, with the brake override system, you can press down on both the accelerator and brakes at the same time, and your SUV will come to an immediate stop.

Post-Crash Measures

Although you’ll have plenty of preventative features in your Tiguan, there’s still a chance that you could end up in an accident. And when that happens, a first responder needs to get into your vehicle as easily as you can get out.

This is where the Intelligent Crash Response System comes in. From the moment the airbags are deployed, several things will happen. First and foremost, interior lights will turn on and hazards will begin to flash so responders can find you quickly.

Next, doors will unlock. And immediately after, high voltage electronics and the fuel pump will be disabled, to avoid any further problems.

Learn More About the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

When Rome, Utica, and Manlius drivers want the most safety features on their side, they’ll have to turn to the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan. Of course, doing so will also afford them excellent fuel efficiency and interior comfort.

To learn more about this awesome SUV, call our team at Nye Volkswagen of Rome, or contact us online today!