vw beetle dashboard lights

The dashboard lights in your Volkswagen model are your vehicle’s way of communicating that it needs maintenance and/or repairs. But with so many lights to keep track of, Nye Volkswagen of Rome understands that decoding each symbol can be difficult.   

With this guide, you’ll be able to understand some of the most common symbols you may see while traveling through Rome, Utica, and Manlius to make sure that your car gets the services it needs.

Engine Malfunction Warning Light

The engine malfunction warning light looks like an engine and is commonly referred to as the check engine light. It activates when the emissions system is damaged or when other parts under the hood are faulty. If ignored, your vehicle can suffer irreparable damage, so you’ll want to schedule a service appointment as soon as this light illuminates to repair any issue.

Brake Pad Wear Indicator Light

The symbol for the brake pad wear indicator is a circle with curved dashed lines around it. When it’s illuminated, the brake pads on your vehicle are too low. We recommend that you take your car straight to Nye Volkswagen of Rome for brake service to ensure stopping power and safety when needed.

Alternator Low Voltage Output Warning Light

dashboard lightsThe alternator low voltage output light, or the battery light, warns you when the charging system in your Volkswagen is failing. Without proper services, this issue can lead to unsuccessful start attempts and a dead battery.

Tire Pressure Warning Indicator Light

The tire pressure warning indicator is a tire on its side with an exclamation point in the middle. This lets you know when your one of your tires is low on pressure or flat or that the system is faulty. If you notice this light on your dashboard, check your tires’ inflation levels first. If they’re correct, take your car for a repair.

Coolant Level and Temperature Warning Light

If you see a symbol that looks like a thermometer floating in fluid, then your vehicle is overheating. This light warns you when your coolant or engine is too hot. It’s best to pull over immediately to let your car cool down before calling your service department for a repair.

Oil Level Indicator Light

When your Volkswagen is overdue for an oil change, the oil change indicator light will illuminate on your dashboard. This looks like an oil can with a squiggly line underneath. Once you see it, schedule an oil change as soon as possible so you can prevent excessive damage to your engine.

Schedule Your Service Appointment!

Dashboard lights are your vehicle’s way of letting you know it needs professional care. So be sure to schedule a service appointment at Nye Volkswagen of Rome as soon as you see any of the symbols listed above or any other lights on your dashboard. Doing so will ensure that your car gets the service and maintenance it needs before it’s too late.

For more information about the dashboard lights on your Volkswagen, schedule a service appointment at Nye Volkswagen of Rome online or call 855-459-9655 now!